Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sex and The City 2

Hey Sweets!
Okay so today I was watching E news and they were talking about all the latest stuff going on in Sex and the City 2 the movie. So I decided to do some of my own investigating and I found the movie's website. On there it gives you all the latest and greatest about the movie! So here is what I found out. Okay so here is just a few of the guest stars.

-Miley Cyrus

-Tim Gunn

-Liza Minelli

-british actress Alice Eve

and many more. Also just like in the last movie they are traveling. This time it will be to Morocco. And the whole 80's thing that most people saw in all the gossip magazines was a part of the beginning of the movie where SJP was having a flashback of when she first met her friends in the 80's. So this is what I know for now. More to come later. If you would like to find out more go to their website click HERE!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Hey Sweets!
The official update is that it is cold cold cold outside. I should know this because I spent the past five, yes five, hours out in it. Why you ask. Well, because I was trying to be a good person and volunteer at my neighborhood's fall festival. My plan didn't exactly work out so well when I realized I was wearing a thin jacket and it was so cold i could see my breath. So yes that has been my day so far. But right now my family is having a football game party. Tennessee against Alabama. GO VOLS! But it's getting interesting because half my family is huge Alabama fans and the other half is huge Tennessee fans. So it should be fun. Put in your vote of who you think will win! I Vote Tennessee, mainly because Alabama fans are just way to obnoxious. No offense to all Alabama fans. I give you respect for showing who you go for but there is an extent to this love. Well I guess I have to go help setup and the sushi just got here and I love sushi! So I'll talk to y'all later.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Hey Sweets!
It is once again the sweet weekend. But this weekend I am sorta stressing out because 1) we haven't even started decorating for Halloween 2) I don't have a costume for Halloween and 3) Halloween is only 14 days away that's right people only two weeks left. So get out there and get you some fabulouse costumes. Well in other news you may have seen how they came out with a toy story double feature. Well, tonight me and my brother decided to go and see. It was so much fun. I mean we have seen the movie like 50 billion times but the intermission (Yes, they had an intermission haha) which was ten minutes long was the most fun. Because we live right next to the theater we ran out back home got drinks, candy, and food and ran back. We made it just in time for the opening credits. But other than that the movie was okay. But since we and most americans have seen it so many times we fell asleep a few times haha. All in all though it was good and we had a fun time. So i recommend the movie. I think that's about it on my weekend update. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Hey Sweets!!
I'm in an extra good mood today because it's SATURDAY!!! and it's a long weekend. So far it's been great, last night me and my friend em went to the movies we saw some people we knew and hung out with them and we had a ton of fun. We saw couples retreat which is the best movie ever!!!! And tonight my friends are trying to make me go to this amazing haunted house, but the truth is I'm actually afraid of haunted houses so we'll see how that turns out. Oh and I haven't fully finished the story, but I have been working on it. So I will probably have that done sometime this week. Thank you guys so much for your sweet comments even though I am sure it's not the best story in the world ha ha. Well, that's basically it, leave me comments about what your doing on this fabulous long weekend!! And remember Halloween is 21 days away so get your costumes ready because I can tell this Halloween is ghoul-amorous!!!!