Saturday, October 24, 2009


Hey Sweets!
The official update is that it is cold cold cold outside. I should know this because I spent the past five, yes five, hours out in it. Why you ask. Well, because I was trying to be a good person and volunteer at my neighborhood's fall festival. My plan didn't exactly work out so well when I realized I was wearing a thin jacket and it was so cold i could see my breath. So yes that has been my day so far. But right now my family is having a football game party. Tennessee against Alabama. GO VOLS! But it's getting interesting because half my family is huge Alabama fans and the other half is huge Tennessee fans. So it should be fun. Put in your vote of who you think will win! I Vote Tennessee, mainly because Alabama fans are just way to obnoxious. No offense to all Alabama fans. I give you respect for showing who you go for but there is an extent to this love. Well I guess I have to go help setup and the sushi just got here and I love sushi! So I'll talk to y'all later.

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  1. Such a cute blog! I found you on SIT's, and I am going to be following your blog. I would appreciate it if you follow mine as well!

    I hope your having a great weekend =)

    And "Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!"