Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hey Sweets!
I have an idea. Since I will be gone until Friday in the mean time I would love it if you sent me your stories. I will then post it and let everyone see and enjoy your wonderful stories. I can look at them while I'm in Atlanta it will give me something to do while I am away. Okay so that's pretty much it! SEND ME YOUR STORIES!! I will out your name and requested title on them.


Hey Sweets!
I am sooo excited about the sequal to the movie Twilight!! NEW MOON!! I know it's going to be amazing. I just saw the trailer yesterday and it seems really good but it seems like they changed it a little bit from the book. So i'll just have to watch and see.
In other news I will be going on a trip to Atlanta until Friday so I may not be able to post, but leave me comments!! Oh and speaking of that Thank you so much for all your sweet comments!!!
Okay well, this was basically just a little update post sorry there wasn't an amzing story or anything, but I'm sure I'll have some when I get back from Atlanta!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Reading Is Amazing!

Hey Sweets!

I'm sorry i haven't posted in a few days. The reason for this is because i was reading..

I know I know reading can be boring for some but not for me honey. I read Breaking Dawn (the third Twilight book) in 24 hours. I'm an addict.

In other news it's summer and I have finally been doing some stuff. So far i have had girls nights with friends. Earned some extra money. And spent time with my dad.

The way I earned the extra money was by babysitting. I had so much fun. But i was tired when i was done because this little girl is wild and loud. But she's adorable. You see she's potty training and so is very shy so when she has to go you have to leave her in the bathroom by herself and just check in on her. Welll, when i checked in on her at one point it was NOT good. I left my purse in the bathroom and it had makeup in it. I had forgotten how much that child loved makeup. Her entire face was covered in lipstick and grey eyeshadow!! She looked like she had just been beaten. But i had to laugh at how proud she was that she had found hidden treasure in my purse. I'm just gla she didn't find anything else like mascara. That would have been messy.

* **Kelsey***


P.S. I slept till' 2:00 in the afternoon the day after i stayed up till' 3:00 a.m. :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

More Facts...

Hey Sweets,
Hmmm well it occurd to me this sleepless night that you don't know that much about me. Well here's some stuff without giving away too many facts that could end up in me having a stalker.

Well, I'm still in school. I am a proud follower of Jesus Christ! I'm a southern girl and i love food. Any food you give me i will most likely eat, unless it's just plain nasty lookin' and might crawl off the plate at any moment. I'm tall compared to most of my friends. But, their mostly short as it is so that doesn't say much. Umm i hope to live in New York one day. But i heard it was mean, but i really doubt that everyone in one state is mean. I do have one love at the moment and that is my doggie Frosty. He is an American Eskimo. He is about two years old. He'll be three in October. Oh and i am a huge fan of cooking. I just went through this faze where if there was something wrong i baked. I mean like BAKED!!! one day my family came home to so many sweets and treats we had to have a bake sale. It was a really bad day. Anyway that's pretty much the basic stuff about me. Oh yeah and i like comments alot so if you left me a comment i probably would LOVE YOU! LOL JK. okay so i think I have basically reached my crashing point finally so I'm off to bed. TTYL.


My Future Home!! New York City, New York

Oh My My MY...

Hey Sweets!
Its about 2:00 a.m. and i'm wide awake. I hate when this happens to me. It is partly my fault. Actually it's entirely my fault. You see i'm not very good with having caffeine. But, summer is supposed to be the time where you can do tons of fun stuff and not have to get the bad stuff that occurs when you do this. Well, today i decided to only drink Milo's sweet tea. I know i should know better, but it had those pretty little peach slices in it and it looked sooo good!! And yes it did have caffeine. Actually it had alot. I learned today that if you have caffeine when your not used to it these side affects may occur. (I know this because they happened to me today)

1. Jittery and twitchy
2. Giggly and laughing at everything
3. prancing around not walking, prancing
4. people may yell at you for talking too much
5. you may feel the need to run laps around your home
6. many jobs may be done because you can't sit still
7. lastly you might do what i'm doing right now which is sitting by the computer hoping to just fall over because your mind is so tired. (YAYY LUCKY ME!!)

Seriously these are times when I wish we had Tivo. There is absolutely nothing good on TV. And because of me not being able to sit still earlier i have already done everything on my TO DO LIST from now until next week. So here i am so bored so tired and so regretting drinking all those pretty glasses of Milo's sweet tea with real peach slices thrown in.