Saturday, September 26, 2009

One for Two part 1

Hey Sweets!
Okay so today I was baby sitting and when it was time for their nap they asked me to tell them a fairy tale, well I couldn't think of one at first, but the I did and the kids happily fell asleep. Yay! Well, I was thinking, why not make a fairy tale and write it down. Well so I am doing so now. Please don't laugh. unless it's actually funny. then you have my permission.

Long long ago in a magnificent kingdom there were two princesses. Their names were Zella Leona and Skye Camille. Now they were not twins though they wish they were. They knew it would be funny to fool people. But alas Zella was just a year older than Skye. When the two were born they were each born with a fairy to guard them and to protect them from all who tried to harm them. The only thing the fairies could not protect them from was a broken heart. This of which the fairies hoped they would never have. For they knew that a broken heart could do worse than a knife. But these two princesses were two things, beautiful and smart. You should be feeling bad for all men who crossed their paths. because as you may have already guessed they loved to mess with the young boys who were in the kingdom. But, one day just a month after Zella's seventeenth birthday the unthinkable happened. She was going through meadows collecting flowers to make necklaces when a farm boy came across  her. Zella did the usual thing when she saw a boy. She batted her lashes and asked of his name. But normally the boys would be shocked with her beauty this boy was not. he just stood like nothing unusual had happened and replied, "My name is Charles". At first Zella was shocked, but tried her best not to show it. So she said, "Such a sweet name. Aren't you going to ask for mine?" She thought that like most boys he would automatically ask of her name and immediately show a face of guilt for not asking it in the first place. But this Charles did not. Instead he just replied, "okay then what is your name?" But he showed of face of unamusement. This bothered Zella greatly. She wanted him to care like all other boys. But she serenely replied,"My name is Zella, Zella Leona and I am the princess of this land." She thought the added status would make act somewhat shocked. But nothing. Instead Zella was shocked especially when he replied,"Oh okay how nice, well I have to go now. My family Shall be waiting on me. Goodbye." And off he went. She stood there in utter disbelief. For what she had been warned of happening her entire life had happened. She had fallen in love. She didn't understand how or why she just knew that she was...

Okay so that was part 1 of the story i hope you enjoyed it. i worked extremely hard on it. 
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  1. I am loving your fairy tale! I use to ask my husband to make up stories for me but he never would. Girls are much better at that sort of thing I guess :)

  2. So cute. I always worry that my little dude will want me to tell him a story and I won't be able to come up with anything. Ah ha